Leveraging Independent Contractor Vetting

Is your organization avoiding accessing highly skilled talent that only sits in the Independent Contractor community due to risk of worker misclassification? Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Procurement professionals recognize that we are shifting from primarily full-time employees to a more dynamic ecosystem of talent from multiple sources. Organizations are approaching an inflection point that promises to change their fundamental value to the enterprise. This transition is fueled by profound changes in the workforce. This provides leaders with an urgent opportunity to provide new, innovative solutions to the business problem of fulfilling work requirements.

Manage your workforce strategically

A company’s ability to be competitive, manage business performance and execute strategy increasingly depends on the ability to manage its workforce strategically. Terri Gallagher, workforce strategy architect and the founder of Gallagher and Consultants, says,

“The old paradigm of hiring a full-time workforce who move up the ranks to retire with a gold watch is over and that is not a bad thing. The new paradigm is a mix of legacy, permanent employees paired with an ecosystem of fluid talent who chose to work this way because of the flexibility, control and freedom to pursue what excites them.”

Embracing different types of talent allows organizations to cast the “widest net” to find and engage the best and the brightest. Some of your top talent will only be found in non-traditional populations. This flexible ecosystem of talent allows an organization to remain agile in order to meet changing market demand, cyclical hiring, and other business fluctuations that normally occur. Terri also recommends that organizations embrace multiple channels and types of workforce: permanent, Independent Consultants, Contractors, “Crowd and Cloud”-sourced talent. More companies are realizing that the key to competitiveness will be to leverage and integrate free-agent/gig talent into their workforces.

ClearPath Workforce Management risk mitigation services bridge the gaps, to enable engagement of this highly skilled talent and expand your talent supply chain. ClearIC™ can automate and simplify the Independent Contractor evaluation process while mitigating your risk via our full service IC vetting process. Contact ClearPath for a complimentary 1:1 review of your current worker status.

Terri Gallagher is a seasoned talent solutions executive and workforce strategy architect, and the founder of Gallagher and Consultants, a consultancy firm that provides technology-forward innovative strategies for small- to mid-size clients to optimize their contingent labor and integrate into effective total workforce strategies. Look for Terri Gallagher’s new book, “Death of the Gold Watch – The Rise of the Gig Economy,” to be released October 2018.