Decoding Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Decoding Mandatory Paid Sick Leave Brandon Business Owner has a new concern on his radar: mandatory paid sick leave. Navigating through the terrain of paid sick leave laws feels like walking through a maze, especially when they can differ significantly

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Three Benefits of Hiring IC

3 Benefits of Hiring Independent Contractors

3 Benefits of Hiring Freelancers For Your Business Do you know the benefits hiring an independent contractor can bring to your business? The other day I was having a conversation with my friend Barbara Business-Owner. She runs a law firm

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Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

Paid Sick Leave – To Pay Or Not To Pay

Understanding Mandatory Paid Sick Leave and Your Independent Contractors Mandatory paid sick leave must be provided to your employees…but what about your independent contractors? Mandatory paid sick leave… Who would have guessed that this aspect of employment can be confusing?

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A Focus on Compliance & Worker Rights

Lessons from Wingstop: A Focus on Worker Rights

Understanding the Wingstop Settlement: Why Compliance and Worker Rights Matter The recent settlement reached by the Seattle Office of Labor Standards (OLS) with Wingstop  offers valuable insights for businesses and workers about the importance of adhering to labor laws and

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Financial Control and the Independent Contractor

Worker Classification: The Importance of Financial Control Understanding financial control is a great way to properly classify your workers   Do your workers have financial control over their career?  Financial control simply refers to the level of control your workers

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Behavioral Control and Your Workers

Worker Classification and Behavioral Control Understanding Behavioral Control is very important – and here’s why …   When it comes to the workforce that powers your business there are times when you need to rely on employees and there are

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5 Risks You Should Be Aware Of Before Hiring an Independent Contractor

5 Risks of Hiring an Independent Contractor

What you should be aware of when hiring an Independent Contractor   Hiring an independent contractor these days is like a no-brainer, right? Especially when you start thinking about the cost-effectiveness, the ocean of diverse talent and skills readily available

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workers in a meeting of a company that hired an employer of record service provider

When Should You Use an Employer of Record?

Are you considering growing your business and hiring temporary workers to accomplish your company’s day-to-day tasks? Hiring employer of record (EOR) services will help you along that trajectory. An employer of record refers to a third-party organization that can serve

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Learn more about 1099 Payroll at Clear Path

Documents You Need to Hire an Independent Contractor

Many industry experts claim that independent contractors will soon make up most of the American workforce within the next decade. Consequently, this shift compels company owners to rethink their business model if their existing employee skillsets aren’t enough to tackle

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Paying Independent Contractors

Why Authorities Care About Employee Misclassification 

While working with independent contractors is an excellent business practice, employers should know that the IRS and Department of Labor (DOL) will check if these contingent workers meet specific criteria that distinguish them from employees.  If you’re paying independent contractors

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business owner contemplating Human Resource Outsourcing

Top Reasons Why You Should Outsource HR 

Have you ever wondered why countless business owners consider human resource outsourcing? Most of today’s business owners want to move their HR function away from administrative tasks and personnel management and focus on managing employee engagement to strengthen their workplace

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a copy of an independent contractor agreement has details on How to Pay an Independent Contractor

5 Ways to Pay Independent Contractors 

When it doesn’t make sense to hire full-time employees, organizations look for independent contractors with the expertise or bandwidth to handle a specific project. However, it’s important to note that these workers are self-employed. For this reason, independent contractors can

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Agent of Record service provider reviewing documents

Things You Should Do Before Hiring a Contractor

Does your business require staffing flexibility and higher levels of workforce efficiency? You’ll want to hire a self-employed business owner who works on a contract basis. However, it’s worth noting that contractor pay differs from running payroll for your full-time

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employer of record examines documents

Employer of Record Functions and Benefits 

Running a global company is no easy task. It involves several complex responsibilities such as hiring remote staff, establishing payrolls, dealing with taxes, insurance, applications, benefits, visas, contracts, and understanding legal entities like country-specific tax laws. These scenarios alone may

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IRS auditing independent contractor management protocols

How Do IRS Audits Work?   

 The sound of an IRS audit alone can bring company owners to their feet. There can be many reasons you’re facing an audit, especially if you have issues with independent contractor management. However, going through an audit only requires you

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necessary paperwork for W2 exempt application

W-2 Exempt: Eligibility and Filing

W-2 employees are workers who are paid through the direct deposit of wages. The W-2 form is used to report and pay taxes on wages, including federal, state, and local income taxes, and Social Security and Medicare. W-2 employees are

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business head supervising a W2 temporary employee

Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees 

W-2 temporary employees offer many benefits for businesses, including the ability to adjust staffing levels to meet seasonal needs or sudden surges in business. Hiring a W-2 employee is a reliable way to meet those needs, with many other benefits.

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misconceptions on employer of record services

Misconceptions About Employer of Record Services 

One of the most exciting new industry technologies is the employer of record (EoR) service. Employer of record services allow small and medium-sized businesses to have their payroll, taxes, and benefits handled by a third party. Instead of dealing with

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tax form for independent contractor payroll

Taxes with Independent Contractors: A Guide

With the shift of business operations to online platforms comes the rise of independent contractors. As defined by the IRS, independent contractors perform work for a company with little to no interference from that business entity. With that said, the company also

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leave of absence sheet for employer of record

New Paid Sick Leave Requirements for 2022

The year is coming to a close, but not without leaving a lot of work for 2022! Are you ready for the expansion of paid sick and family leave? Make changes simple with employer of record services from ClearPath Workforce Management.   Changes in Paid Sick

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man shakes another man's hands after talking about Misclassification of employees as independent contractors

Risks of Hiring Independent Contractors

Independent contractors (ICs) are a great addition to your company workforce by providing a substantial contribution to the work you do. However, there can be confusion in engagement and management, and some companies commit misclassification of employees as independent contractors.

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