The Gig Workforce is a Good Thing

I think it’s great when simple everyday things can be turned into something novel.  Like the catchphrase, Martha Stewart coined, “It’s a Good Thing,” the use of contingent labor is not a new concept. Utilizing a blended workforce has become our new normalGetting this right, with the accurate workforce mix, including the Gig Workforce, is as important as the correct amount of ingredients in a cake to have it turn out delicious.  Combining the parts correctly will help companies stay competitive in this dynamic environment.

Today, we are moving to a flexible organizational structure; now it’s about co-creating rather than managing. With artificial intelligence and data at workers’ fingertips, more decisions will happen on the front line, where work occurs. Per Accenture’s Technology Vision 2016 report1, there will be a “fully liquid enterprise operating with no full-time employees outside of the C-suite.”

Terri Gallagher, the founder of Gallagher and Consultants, and Global Contingent Workforce Strategies and Talent Acquisition Technology and The Originator of the WORKFORCE SOLUTIONS ECOSYSTEM MODELtm says,

“The workforce landscape has changed;there is a significant need for companies to look at integrating nontraditional labor into their total talent attraction strategies.”

Risk Mitigation

Solution providers are a critical component when engaging this “new normal” workforce to ensure risk mitigation and compliance to enable the use of this highly skilled talent force.  Risk Mitigation is an important deliverable with these solutions; the risk for non-compliance must be considered but can be mitigated with these new solutions.  The days of minimizing the use of independent consultants due to risk are over; some of your most sought after talent can only be found in these communities and they must be considered to ensure a robust talent strategy.

Upcoming Webinar

We want to help you to gain the knowledge and understanding you need to ensure your organization is up-to-date on all the new compliance regulations.  Connie Wendt, VP Compliance & Relations, ClearPath Workforce Management, and Terri Gallagher, Founder of Gallagher and Consultants; will be co-hosting a webinar, “Widening the Net for Talent – Leveraging the Gig Economy Compliantly.” In this webinar, you’ll learn about the latest information that will impact the gig-economy for companies trying to recruit top talent and the risks involved with worker misclassification.

We will highlight what can happen if you don’t properly classify Independent Contractors, as well as the risk mitigation services available to you.

Date: Thursday, October 18th, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM PT/12:00 PM MT/1:00 PM CT/2 PM ET

Register Today!

ClearPath Workforce Management risk mitigation services bridge the gaps where fear of risk may prevent engagement of top talent. ClearIC™ can automate and simplify the Independent Contractor evaluation process while mitigating your risk. Now is the time to contact ClearPath for a complimentary review of your potential risk and exposure analysis.

Terri Gallagher is a seasoned talent solutions executive and workforce strategy architect and the founder of Gallagher and Consultants; a consultancy firm that provides technology forward innovative strategies for small-mid size clients to optimize their contingent labor and integrate into effective total workforce strategies. Look for Terri Gallagher’s new book “Death of the Gold Watch – The Rise of the Gig Economy,” to be released in January 2019.