In Case You Missed It

In case you missed ClearPath’s 2021 semi-annual updates on Minimum Wage, Paid Sick Leave, and Sexual Harassment Training, we are sharing these with you again.

Minimum Wage Cheat Sheet

Is your state or city’s minimum wage increasing again?  If you employ workers, you should check to see if the minimum wage is going up in your area.  Employers need to ensure they are following the appropriate ordinances to stay out of hot water. Semi-annually, ClearPath updates its Minimum Wage Cheat Sheet so you can stay current. 

Paid Sick Leave Cheat Sheet

Over the last several years, many states, cities, and counties have passed and put into law Paid Sick Leave ordinances. While this is a great benefit for the employee, it is making it harder and more complicated to be an employer. For employers that operate in multiple locations that have paid sick leave laws, this can be a daunting task, as each law has its own standards regarding which employees are covered, which employers must comply, how employers must comply, and more. An employer must figure out if and how the laws interact with each other (and in some cases, other laws) and adjust business practices accordingly. An employer must also keep abreast of amendments to the laws and relevant government regulations. To assist with this, ClearPath has created a free Paid Sick Leave Cheat Sheet outlining the current Paid Sick Leave ordinances. 

Sexual Harassment Cheat Sheet 

Even in 2021 sexual harassment still exists in the workplace. Some states and localities have responded with mandatory sexual harassment training requirements. Each law varies in the amount, type, and format of training it requires, but they all work toward combating the same issue. ClearPath has published a Sexual Harassment Cheat Sheet with all the details for all the states. 

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