To Compete, You Need Future-Forward Solutions

Since the financial crisis in 2008, the landscape of corporate America has changed dramatically. Now, a decade later, companies are continuing to benefit from utilizing the many once-displaced workers from that time. Out of necessity, these workers became or now have chosen to become independent contractors, consultants, freelancers, and contractors. Currently, companies are contracting with gig workers, not so much out of need but for the bottom-line advantages they provide.

Gig workers will go the extra mile. They provide additional flexibility for the organizations that engage them. Their talents are best used for the overall success of the business. Businesses are leaning more on contingent labor each year due to significant cost savings and the ability to flex up or down quickly.

To compete within this new gig economy, Talent Acquisition professionals need innovative solutions for attracting and maximizing each skillset from non-traditional labor pools.

ClearPath is hosting a webinar that will help you achieve the most benefits from these non-traditional labor pools and navigate around the pitfalls.

Please join our upcoming webinar, “The Gig Economy: What Does it Mean for Talent Acquisition and Compliance,” where Connie Wendt and Candice Bedolla look at the past to see how we got to this point in our economy and what the future holds.

Date: Thursday, August 30th, 2018
Time: 11:00 AM PT/12:00 PM MT/1:00 PM CT/2 PM ET
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We will cover:

  • guidelines for working with contractors
  • issues with worker classification and how to engage independent contractors
  • ‘enterprise-wide’ buy-in
  • how to stay on top of the ever-changing legislated compliance rules

ClearPath Workforce Management offers future-forward employment and IC compliance solutions, with our Employer of Record (EOR), Agent of Record (AOR) and IC Compliance solution, ClearIC™. We can automate and simplify the Independent Contractor evaluation process while mitigating your risk. Now is the time to contact ClearPath for a complimentary review of your potential risk and exposure analysis.

Candice Bedolla is a seasoned Contingent Workforce consultant, and the founder and managing partner of SHIFT13, a consultancy firm that provides contingent labor consulting services.