The Latest Front Line Updates on Independent Contractor Compliance

Your organization may be waiting until after the November 3rd election to decide on how to move forward with your talent management solutions associated with using Independent Contractors. The shifting regulations and gray areas present thin ice for you to tread carefully in these hiring decisions.

Many organizations I speak with are skeptical about working with independent contractors due to the worker misclassification risk.  Companies are very aware they run the risk of misclassification, which can result in significant taxes, penalties, and fines and decide to stay away from using IC’s completely.

We want to assure you that there are safe ways to engage these types of workers.  Independent contractors can remain a viable operating option when properly vetted and classified. If your organization needs assistance and a sound process for ensuring your ICs are classified appropriately, ClearPath Workforce Management has an IC evaluation process and risk mitigation services that bridge the gaps to enable compliant engagement of this highly skilled talent and to expand your talent supply chain. 

We are offering you post-election updates on how to safely engage independent contractors.

ClearPath Workforce Management is keeping pace with all these legislative changes, so you will not have to.  We would like to provide the recent developments in the independent contractor compliance space to help keep you informed. Our overall goal will be to provide you with the latest news to assist in your contingent workforce management practices. 

30-Minute Complimentary Webinar 

Join us for “The Latest Front Line Updates on Independent Contractor Compliance,” a quick 30-Minute complimentary webinar on November 12th, 2020, 2:00 – 2:30 PM EDT, presented by Connie Wendt, Vice President Compliance & Relations at ClearPath.

In our upcoming 30-minute webinar we will address some of the latest outcomes:

  • Department of Labor’s proposed rule
  • The outcomes of California ballot questions, AB-5 on Proposition 22, the changes to California’s independent contractor laws
  • City requiring a minimum wage for gig-workers
  • Latest state IC lawsuits and cases 

Please join us!

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