Update on Paid Sick Leave Requirements by State (2020)

It’s the middle of 2020 and there are recent changes to paid sick leave requirements. Most employers would agree that sick workers should stay home to recover and that employees should be able to care for ill relatives when needed. But the proliferation of state and local sick-leave laws with different requirements can burden employers with significant administrative and compliance challenges.

Each state law has different rules about who is covered, the reasons leave can be used, the rate at which employees accrue paid leave and the waiting periods before paid sick leave can be used. To make matters more complicated, many local jurisdictions have their own paid-sick-leave laws that offer more-generous benefits than the state law or are in locations without a statewide law.

Over the last several years, many states, cities, and counties have passed and put into law Paid Sick Leave ordinances. While this is a great benefit for the employee, it is making it harder and more complicated to be an employer.

For employers that operate in multiple locations that have paid sick leave laws, this can be a daunting task, as each law has its own standards regarding which employees are covered, which employers must comply, how employers must comply and more. While many of the paid sick leave laws have common requirements, they all have unique provisions. An employer must figure out if and how the laws interact with each other (and in some cases, other laws) and adjust business practices accordingly. An employer must also keep abreast of amendments to the laws and relevant government regulations.

To assist with this, ClearPath has created a free Cheat Sheet outlining the current Paid Sick Leave ordinances. This Paid Sick Leave Cheat Sheet was created because ClearPath pays close attention to this detail, on behalf of our client companies.

Avoid Paid Sick Leave employer confusion

If you are a Small or Medium Business (SMB), struggling with these ordinances on your own, we’ve created a Paid Sick Leave Cheat Sheet to eliminate the confusion. It lists all the states, cities, and counties, when the ordinance was enacted, accrual rate, how many hours per year can be accrued, when the accrual begins, when the employee can use the accrual, and a link to the particular legislation that gives more details. This is particularly helpful to SMBs or employers with limited resources to track and manage these complexities. To get your copy, click here.

Tired of being the employer? If you want to turn over the headache of tracking and complying with these and other ordinances and employer laws, consider ClearPath as your Employer of Record service. We can take care of your employees and all the complexities of compliance allowing you to focus on your business.

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