Benefits of Hiring Temporary Employees 

W-2 temporary employees offer many benefits for businesses, including the ability to adjust staffing levels to meet seasonal needs or sudden surges in business. Hiring a W-2 employee is a reliable way to meet those needs, with many other benefits. This article will discuss the advantages companies enjoy from hiring temporary employees.  

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What Do Companies Get from Hiring Temporary Employees? 

Temporary employees, otherwise known as temps, contract workers, consultants, freelancers, seasonal workers, and paid interns, are essential to a business’s success. They offer the flexibility, control, and convenience that businesses need to grow and thrive. And because they allow for a more dynamic workforce, temps are a necessary means of achieving business objectives.  

They Can Replace Employees on Leave 

Temporary employees are an alternative to hiring W-2 employees. They can act as a replacement during someone’s vacation, illness, or absence, allowing a company to continue its normal operations. A temporary employee is usually cheaper than a W-2 employee and has fewer benefits, job security, and job stability.  

The temporary employee fills a need for a short time to cover an absence. Temporary workers can replace a specific individual, or a group of individuals, depending on the necessity. 

They are Potential Future Hires 

Just as a temporary hire can fill in for an absence, a temporary employee can eventually become a full-time employee. Temporary employees can also show the company what they can do and inspire future permanent hires. They can also show the company’s clients that it is a resource that will grow with future needs.  

They Fill Flexible Needs 

Companies that need an extra hand for short-term projects or seasonal needs can find them through self-sourcing. These companies may need a hand for a major event, a specific task, a special project, or a seasonal peak. A self-sourcing model can provide just the kind of worker they need, when they need it, without having to wait for a W-2 or permanent job opening to be available. 

In addition, the self-sourcing model specializes in individuals who want the flexibility to work on shorter-term projects.  

Their Work Quality is Excellent 

Working in a self-sourcing model means you’re going to work for a quality business. Companies hiring through a self-sourcing model want the best workers they can find. The client wants their work to be accurate, their task finished promptly, and the work completed within budget. They want to be sure that the temp they choose to assist them will deliver quality work that will meet the needs of their business.  

Fortunately, the self-sourcing model looks for the best people to perform a specific task. These people are more familiar with a business and its specific needs than a W-2 employee. So, when they are hired, their performance will be more efficient and better quality than a W-2 employee.  

However, while having a say in these things can be very convenient for many companies, one aspect can become confusing with the mix of permanent and temporary employees in the workforce – payroll management. That is because temps may not have the same arrangement in terms of benefits compared to the permanent workers of the company. Here is where we come in at ClearPath.  

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Need Help with Payroll for Your W2 Temporary Employees?  

ClearPath is a third-party organization that can handle the employer of record legal responsibilities of your temporary workers. We use trusted software that ensures we don’t get things mixed up, especially legal compliance matters and benefits. You can simply inform us of any addition to your workforce, and we’d be happy to integrate them into our system. If you want to learn more about our services, please give us a call.