Top Myths for Leading Generations

In our workplaces today, there are five adult generations working closely together.

If you lead or serve on a team with at least two of them, you will love hearing from our speaker. Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire, is on a mission to help multi-generational teams become higher-performing and happier – and abolish frustrating communication patterns and behaviors!

As a member of the “middle child” Generation X, Kay has been able to step back and observe the swirl of miscommunication that causes confusion among all adult generations. She has identified the bottom-line hard costs of continuing to let age bias get in your way, and that is what she will be sharing with us today.

Kay is well-known for her “3 Keys to Great Intergenerational Leadership,” which are: be clear, do not make excuses for people, and model the behavior you want to see. Using these three keys as the foundation, she helps leaders and business teams learn to listen, strive to understand their mindsets and roadblocks, and achieve the extraordinary, together.

Complimentary Webinar

Our modern workplaces are filled with stereotypes about age and our five adult generations. But do these stereotypes really cause problems in our organizations? The truth is the stakes couldn’t be higher: we lose money when we fall for the myths about people of different ages. So, what do behaviors related to age stereotypes – bias, resentment, and animosity – cost you? This webinar is for you if you want to stop wasting resources and ensure future success by attracting and retaining talent, boosting sales, and developing a robust pipeline.

Join us for “Top Myths of Leading Generations,” a complimentary webinar, on May 7th, 2020, at 2:00 PM EDT, presented by Kay Coughlin, CEO and Chief Facilitator of Facilitator on Fire, and hosted by Connie Wendt, Vice President Compliance & Relations at ClearPath.

This webinar will provide SHRM Recertification credit, 1 PDC credit. Recertification is required every three years. Professionals need to earn 60 professional development credits (PDCs) in order to recertify.

In our upcoming webinar we’ll address:

  • The five adult generations that make up our society: iGen/Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X-ers, Boomers and Traditionalists, and the stereotypes, traits, and characteristics for each
  • The top myths about generations that leaders inadvertently depend on every day
  • The hard costs of each myth – and how they negatively impact your bottom line
  • The one mindset you must develop if you want your organization to shine among the competition for talent and sales

Kay Coughlin, CEO of Facilitator on Fire, is well-known for her energy, affection for all generations, and call for leaders to become their best selves by learning to observe their own defaults. She is on a mission to help our five adult generations work together on teams that get results and are higher-performing and happier.

You’ll have the chance to ask Kay your toughest questions.

Please join us!

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