New Paid Sick Leave Requirements for 2022

The year is coming to a close, but not without leaving a lot of work for 2022! Are you ready for the expansion of paid sick and family leave? Make changes simple with employer of record services from ClearPath Workforce Management.  

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Changes in Paid Sick Leave Requirements that Apply to Your Business 

The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has placed special pressures on families, renewing the push for mandated paid sick and family leave. Gaps left by the federal response have resulted in state and local lawmakers stepping in to legislate paid sick leave for workers. While this is a great benefit for the employee, it makes it harder and more complicated to be an employer. 

Your Business Location Matters  

Each state has its own laws regarding who is covered, what types of leave are covered, how paid leave time is accrued, and waiting periods before paid sick and family leave can be used.  

The Problem with Jurisdiction 

To further complicate the issue, many local jurisdictions have their own paid sick leave laws that offer more generous benefits than the state law or are in locations without a statewide law. The proliferation of state and local sick leave laws with different requirements can burden employers with significant administrative and compliance challenges.  

Additional Complication Factors  

For employers that operate in multiple locations that have paid sick leave laws, compliance can be a particularly daunting task. Each applicable law has its own standards regarding which employees are covered, which employers must comply, how employers must comply, and more.  

The Employer’s Responsibility 

While many of the paid sick leave laws have common requirements, they all have unique provisions. An employer must figure out if and how the laws interact with each other and adjust business practices accordingly.  

Get Help and Avoid Confusion   

Navigating the patchwork of ever-changing federal, state, and local sick leave laws can be challenging. If you are a Small or Medium Business (SMB), struggling with these ordinances on your own, ClearPath has created a Paid Sick Leave Cheat Sheet to help with the confusion.  

Get Access to the Information You Need 

This comprehensive list offers information on: 

  • States, cities, and counties 
  • When the ordinance was enacted 
  • Accrual rates 
  • How many hours per year can be accrued 
  • When the accrual begins 
  • When the employee can use the accrual 
  • A link to the legislation for additional details 
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Need More Help? The Professional Advantage of an Employer of Record  

Eliminate the confusion completely and stop wasting your valuable time and energy on being an employer. If you want to turn over the headache of tracking and complying with employer ordinances and laws, consider ClearPath as your Employer of Record service.  

We can take care of your employees and all the complexities of compliance for you, allowing you to focus on your business. Contact ClearPath Workforce Management to explore a potential partnership.